[linux-elitists] CNET: Another worm, more patches

Justin F. Knotzke shampoo@cam.org
Sun Sep 23 13:42:39 PDT 2001

On Sun, Sep 23, 2001 at 11:06:18AM +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> Oh my god, it must be a conspiracy!
> Have you considered that these press outlets may find it troublesome to
> report these details in full? Have you considered that the reporters working
> on these stories understand these details themselves?

	That was my point. I'm sorry you didn't pick that up.

> Or... Is that evidence of a global Microsoft-owned media conspiracy, too?
>   [ Moral of the story: Get off your arse, and make matters known outside
>   our little "we know best" community. Don't preach to the converted, we
>   already know, and we're already bored off our tits at it. ]

	There was no preaching in my post. It was a question as to whether
it's really worth our time to even bother emailing CNET et al. CNET and
other news organizations whether they be Time, Newsweek or the New York
Times for that matter don't sell news. They sell people, readers. 

	Why it is that it suprises so many of you that the press in the US
isn't reporting this latest worm as a MS bug is in itself surprising. 

	What do you suggest we do? Do you suggest I "get off my arse" and
email CNET telling them of their omissions? While I am at it should I
also email Time magazine and the New York Times in regards to their
omissions of the thousands of Iraqi children who die every year at the
hands of sanctions? Or countless other stories that never get printed
because it will offend/damage the product that Newpapers/news websites
sell namely it's readers?

	The point I am trying to make that you failed to pick up on is that
these organizations are merely performing their institutional functions
by not reporting all the facts. It's much easier to point the finger at
the cracker who created the worm then upset readers/the product and
report the truth.

	So go ahead, write CNET, and every other major tech news website
that omitted the facts of the latest worm attack. They'll probably just
file your email in the "linux-slashdot-zealot" mailfolder rather then
risk offending their product.

	OR, we could start a website that discusses these omissions. Oh
wait, that's been done to death. OR, we could start a mailing list. Oh
wait, that's what this is.


Justin F. Knotzke
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