[linux-elitists] class-action fun

Rick Bradley roundeye@roundeye.net
Sun Sep 23 00:49:39 PDT 2001

* Rick Bradley (roundeye@roundeye.net) [010923 02:44]:
> > How do you know that these CDs left Microsoft's hands *after* the date of
> > the patch? Do you have *any* idea how complex the distribution system is?
> > 
> > For something shipped on a given date, there's a normal curve, with a
> > *significant* right tail, of dates that the item is actually sold at
> > retail or returned.
> All it takes is 1. 

Forgive me for posting while sh*tfaced (and therefore not pointing out
those obviouses which see I cannot), but the original thought
experiment (did I mention that there are some attorneys in Atlanta
quite interested in the concept?) includes (whether spoken or not) the
revelation that M$ should have issued a recall of their defective
product (as Ford, etc., would be required to to cover their collective
arses), hence any defective product on the shelves is, well,
defective, regardless of ship date.


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