[linux-elitists] CNET: Another worm, more patches

Artie Di root@artiedi.com
Fri Sep 21 08:21:21 PDT 2001

Relevant text from Yahoo! News/Reuters story.  Taken from 

Twenty points to the first person to find the words "Microsoft", "Windows", 
or "IIS" in the story.

LONDON (Reuters) - The persistent Nimda computer virus, which attacks 
corporate computer systems and personal computers alike, regained momentum in 
Europe overnight while it showed signs of weakening elsewhere around the 

Trend Micro [software firm] also detected that on Thursday night the virus 
was at its most active state in Europe, registering 10 to 15 attacks per 
second on the firm's corporate firewall. ``I've never seen such a rate 
before,'' said Raimund Genes, European vice president of sales and marketing 
for Trend Micro.

Other security officials reported on Friday re-infestations of Nimda 
occurring. The bug first appeared on Tuesday in the United States. It spread 
rapidly to corporations, government organizations and home Internet users in 
Asia and Europe shortly afterwards.

Nimda has been particularly virulent because of its unique makeup. Unlike 
previous computer infestations, Nimda has been programmed to infect computers 
via e-mail, much like last year's Love Bug virus. It also behaves like a worm 
in that it attacks computer servers and spreads around the Internet looking 
for vulnerable Web sites to infect and attach to unsuspecting users' Web 
browsers to propagate further.

The bug has claimed numerous victims. German electronics conglomerate Siemens 
AG [note: not SuSE] was hit on Wednesday, the company confirmed. There have 
also been reports that a number of banks, Internet Service providers and 
government sites in Europe have been impacted.

On Friday, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter issued a note explaining that the Nimda 
virus was impacting its ability to distribute research notes to clients. ``We 
expect the situation to be resolved in the next couple of days,'' the bank 
said in the note.

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