[linux-elitists] class-action fun

Jay Sulzberger jays@panix.com
Fri Sep 21 13:08:06 PDT 2001

No.  Such class action suits against writers of software will produce new
and more effective barriers to entry into all mass market software

The recent partly successful attacks by Dell, Compaq, HP, Gateway, IBM,
and Microsoft against the Internet are only possible because of gross
violations of old standard consumer law.  Consumer law and anti-trust law
require that, at point of sale of a home computer, the buyer be offered a
choice of operating systems.  That is, the buyer must be told that several
OSes are available, and the buyer must pay separately for the OS(es).
Once this rule is enforced, the Virus Worm Trojan Spy Back-Door Substrate
Cartel will be broken.  The latest attacks now provide our Office Of
Propaganda with an argument that the mass media, the personal computer
mass media, the Gartner Group, the Attorney General of the United States,
state Attorneys General, and many Consumer Protection agencies will be
able to grasp.


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