[linux-elitists] Looking for good Linux (embedded) hardware

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Fri Sep 21 00:07:25 PDT 2001

Brenno J.S.A.A.F. de Winter writes:

> Dear all,
> With the power of Embedded Linux and some other Linux specific hardware
> capabilities in mind I'm looking for a box with the following charactaristics:
> * Small box or 19" rack.
> * Processor
> * Memory
> * 2 networkcards
> My plan would be to find a solution where no harddisk is needed, but a way of
> writing the software to a PROM or so (if at all possible also remotely
> updateable). Does anyone now if such a devices do really exist.
> My expectations are the following:
> * Simple box that one can easily place in a network
> * Relatively low-cost
> * Low maintenance (no harddisk that can crash or be full)
> * Rapid bootup
> * Incredibly stable
> * Must have sufficient power to do routing/VPN-like and run possibly a small
> webserver.

Would you consider a PC-104 form factor?  It might be too expensive
and there might be a better way, but I remember seeing what looked
like some very small PC-104 devices.  I think that a PC-104 stack with
a solid state hard drive might meet all of your requirements, except
maybe cost.

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