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"WEDNESDAY afternoon MSNBC.com confirmed that the source code of
Microsoft.com/FrontPage contained javascript that attempts to
download the Nimda virus to anyone visiting the Web page."

Apparently Dell was infected too.

"Just apply the patches" is a fucking joke.  Remember how Code Red
infected Microsoft's Windows *Update* machine?  This is pathetic.
The point source for the entire world's tech economy is so crappy
that even its own experts can't defend themselves against kids who
download virus kits.  That whole company should be hanging its
collective head in shame.  At some point you have to ask when Bill
Gates is going to volunteer to pay for the billion-dollar cleanup
for every virus that comes down the pike, out of his personal
checking account, until he can devise an operating system that at
least its own company can make secure.

Meanwhile I have heard ** NOT ONE ** news commentator point out that
this is a _Microsoft_ transmitted virus:  that people who don't run
Microsoft programs are completely immune, and that a large part of
the reason that the worm spreads at all is not Microsoft's mere
incompetence but its deliberate design decisions made for reasons of
economy and greed.
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