[linux-elitists] ClearChannel radio censorship

Tesla Coil tescoil@irtc.net
Wed Sep 19 09:42:55 PDT 2001

On 18 Sept. 2001, Aaron Sherman wrote:
> Ok, first off "banned" is a bad word, here.
> Let's keep in mind that this was an internal effort on the part of
> this radio network to adjust it's play list according to current
> When you've just heard that we're going to war, and a song 
> comes on saying "it's the end of the world as we know it", 
> it's great irony but it also makes a good percentage of the
> listeners change the channel!

Repeatedly over the last week, radio, television and newspaper
commentators have been saying that "everything has changed in
the aftermath of these attacks."  What's ironic is that this 
unquestionable assertion proliferates, while stating the idea
as "it's the end of the world *as we know it*" gets a motion
to supress by the nation's largest radio network because it's

> These radio stations are in business to make money from ads, 
> not provide dramatic irony.

These radio stations may be deep on accounting but they are
very superficial on the topic of the product they're vending.
This list is abundant evidence as witnessed by the dozens of
conversations in which I've participated with music listeners.
We are *more than* aware of current events, and universally
puzzled at the choice of some of these songs, occasionally
indignant over others.  We *are* the listeners changing the
channel.  More and more often, we are changing it to *off*.

I'd mention the Cluetrain Manifesto in this context, but 
I'm certain Clear Channel would find it inappropriately
subtitled at this time...

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