[linux-elitists] Subversion is self-hosting

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Mon Sep 17 14:54:44 PDT 2001

begin Aaron Sherman quotation:

> They seem to be developing their own protocol. Fair, but one
> of CVS's strengths was the encapsulation of its protocol over a
> login session (e.g. rsh, ssh). This allowed CVS users to transition
> from unencrypted to encrypted communication smoothly and with no
> change in client software.

I second Jeff's comment on this:  CVS was essentiall designed for
locally logged-in shell users.  Even the ":ext:", ":pserver:", and 
":gserver:" access methods were essentially tacked on.  Subversion,
in contrast, was designed with a client-server model in mind.

Does WebDAV suck?  We'll see.

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