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Sat Sep 15 18:03:24 PDT 2001

I am really too upset with other matters to give a long reply on this, but
Larry screwed up completely by not pushibng Linux on the desktop for less
when he was in the position to do so, and now his company has largely paid
the price.

If free software desktop solutions suffer from anything, it is from trying
to copy bogus MS designs in the first place instead of being original and
harnessing the superior and unique aspects that Linux and X afford the
desktop user.

Far too much effort is spent trying to do MS style "tipping" spreadsheets,
instead of correctly integrating ... say mysql ...into the back end of
gnuementric and such, levaging X's networking capability, building in ssh
or vpn encryption services, etc etc etc.

Larry has never really understood it, IMO.


<<Yes, Larry's said that sort of thing for a long time. >>

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Rick Moen

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