[linux-elitists] Cryptome up for mirroring

Eugene Leitl Eugene.Leitl@lrz.uni-muenchen.de
Sat Sep 15 14:01:30 PDT 2001

Please don't overwhelm the site, though. If you can throttle, do.

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All blocks and limitations on downloads here have been removed. We
request that bots and spiders be configured and monitored to avoid
repetiveness, looping, recycling and checking previous downloads.
Bandwidth trashing programs will be seen as attacks and blocked to
assure access by others.

Cryptome and a host of other crypto resources are likely to be
shutdown if the war panic continues. What methods could be used to
assure continued access to crypto for homeland and self-defense by
citizens of all nations against communication transgressors?

A while back a list of global sites for accessing crypto and privacy tools
was set up:


This list, and additions to it, should be mirrored and the mirrors
widely publicized to aid citizen access to tools for personal and
homeland protection worldwide from those urging war and terrorism at
home and around the globe.

To supplement that, Cryptome would appreciate hearing by encrypted
mail (anonymous remail too) what others have done or could do to
stockpile and distribute self-dense tools. We've sent out a few
hundred CDs of the Cryptome collection, and are considering offering
here a ~100MB compressed package of the ~8000 files. If so, we would
first make more of the packages available to other global sites to
offset our bandwidth limitations.

There are only a few crypto programs in the files, mostly PGP since
2.62.  We might grab more for inclusion unless others are doing
that. To comply with law we'd have to notify BXA of any new program

Responses welcome: jya@pipeline.com

Pipeline.com is owned by Earthlink, one of the ISPs reportedly now
intercepted by Carnivore; Verio, host of this site, may be as well,
your hosts too.

John Young PK below.

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