[linux-elitists] OpenBSD or Debian?

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Thu Sep 13 08:18:18 PDT 2001

begin  Adam Sampson quotation:

> I didn't make it sufficiently clear that these were mostly the reasons
> I didn't like it _at the time_; if I recall correctly, there's been at
> least one new BSD implementation of ext2fs in the meantime. "Don't use
> ext2" isn't really an option if, like me, you were moving from a Linux
> system and don't have the disk space sitting around to move 60 gigs of
> files between filesystems.

In such a case, I personally would use it just long enough to migrate
the files to FFS.

People tend to have this problem on a variety of OSes, when they ignore
the benefits of using native filesystems:  I knew people who doggedly
stuck to FAT on OS/2, rather than enjoying the benefit of HPFS, and then
went about complaining about performance and fragmentation.  More
recently, I kept seeing people using Mac OS X on HFS rather than FFS,
and acting disappointed and surprised when things didn't work right.

That is not to say that there aren't good reasons to _temporarily_ use a
non-optimal filesystem, for reasons of data migration.  But even 60 gigs
should be capable of being shuffled around onto FFS with a modicum of

> FreeBSD-using friends tell me that its SMP support is quite acceptable
> now...

For the record:  I believe they exaggerate, slightly.

> Another argument in favour of Debian is that it's much easier to
> automatically upgrade software. cvsup works beautifully for keeping
> the core FreeBSD source up-to-date, but for anything in ports, last
> time I looked, you needed to track down what needed upgrading and do
> the "make install" dance yourself for each package.

Oh, believe me, I know the limitations of the ports system, first-hand.
It is sometimes a real pain in the ass.

> It uses the GNU development toolchain---it ships with GCC, binutils,
> gdb etc., with the notable exception of GNU make---but not the GNU
> fileutils, textutils, libc etc.

As provided.  But, when *I* get done with a *BSD box, it has all of
those things.  ;->

Rick Moen                                          ROMANI, ITE DOMVM!

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