[linux-elitists] OpenBSD or Debian?

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Wed Sep 12 16:39:29 PDT 2001

begin Adam Sampson quotation:

> I used FreeBSD for a couple of months when 4.0-RELEASE appeared, and
> was reasonably happy with it; performance seemed quite reasonable
> (FFS, in particular, dealt with large directories much better than
> ext2). However, stability was appalling (I suspect mostly because I
> was using FreeBSD's ext2fs implementation, and because BSD's response
> to any kind of internal

If that was the sole cause of instability, it would suggest an obvious
remedy:  Don't use FreeBSD's implementation of ext2.  That would seem
easy enough.  

I've never previously heard people fault FreeBSD's stability -- but
then I've never heard of anyone running it on ext2, so that might
account for it.

> ...and of course there's no journalling filesystem....

FreeBSD people argue that soft-updates makes journaling nearly
superfluous, and that the pending introduction of snapshots will
do the rest of that.  (There's a small amount of interest in porting
NetBSD's LFS, but I don't know where that stands.)

> smbfs, 


> affs,

Yes, if you absolutely, positively need support for the Amiga Fast File
System, then you need either Amiga OS or Linux -- at least, long enough
to copy the files off.

> free-software decent packet-filtering system,

Yes, Darren Reed's licensing bombshell took everyone by surprise, and 
I'm hoping that either Darren finally backs down or FreeBSD follows
OpenBSD's lead in calling his bluff.  But this is a new problem, so
they're still trying (or so I hear) to defuse the situation.

> or support for anything other than i386 machines.

Actually, the Alpha port became really good in the 4.x series.

(And I would have thought that the SMP argument was a better one then
the bunch you cobbled together -- not that I run multiprocessor
machines, myself.)

> But the major reason I'm not using BSD any more? Well, I don't like
> doing unpaid development for Microsoft, so I'd rather use a kernel and
> toolset with a copyleft license...

Of course, FreeBSD likewise uses at least most of the GNU toolchain --
possibly all.  (I can't recall.)

I'd check for you, but all my boxen are running Debian GNU/Linux.  ;->

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