[linux-elitists] OpenBSD or Debian?

Ben Woodard ben@valinux.com
Tue Sep 11 11:25:23 PDT 2001

I have to say that using BSD for me is like using unix. It takes me
weeks and weeks to get all the tools that I am used to having under
linux built. Also some of the commands are the original unix commands
and don't have a lot of my favorite features. e.g. df -h print's in
human readable terms. There are a lot fo little glitches like that. 

I have to say that in comparison to Linux all the unix's feel kind of


> I've been getting increasingly disappointed with mainstream Linux distros
> recently, most notably RH. Before I go Debian, I figured out I could as
> well look outside of the soup bowl, and try one of the *BSDs, assuming
> it's worth it.
> Is it?
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