[linux-elitists] OpenBSD or Debian?

Wil Cooley wcooley@nakedape.cc
Tue Sep 11 09:50:06 PDT 2001

Also Sprach Eugene Leitl:

> So, how difficult is the jump to OpenBSD, if one is used to diverse
> Linuxes and *nixen? Am I missing any serious alternative?

Not terribly, once you've installed enough GNU software to make yourself
comfortable.  Until then, you can approximate bash's Emacs editing mode
with their enhanced sh by invoking it as: 'sh -E'.  To get a list of
your network interfaces, you have to use 'ifconfig -a'.  To see your
routing table, you have to use 'netstat -rn'.

Personally, I've used Free, Net, and OpenBSD, and BSDI, and AIX
and Solaris, and Red Hat Linux and AIX are still my favorites.

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