[linux-elitists] [nylug-talk] Ari and Jim are OK

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Tue Sep 11 09:43:50 PDT 2001

Thanks Don,

That's very reassuring.

- Jeff

<quote who="Don Marti">

> (The other New York lists mention that there may be a need for
> emergency blood donations; check the TV or radio for announcements.)
> ----- Forwarded message from "Peter C. Norton" <spacey-nylug@lenin.nu> -----
> The VA offices are near the WTC in the HSBC building.
> I've talked to Ari, and he's spoken with Jim, so they appear to be OK.
> ----- End forwarded message -----

                          chown -R us:us yourbase                           

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