[linux-elitists] SSSCA - Analysis (Q&D)

Tesla Coil tescoil@irtc.net
Mon Sep 10 11:51:56 PDT 2001

On 9 Sep 2001, Karsten M. Self wrote:
> | Sec 2.  Findings.
> |
> |                       (TO BE SUPPLIED)
> Note that the justifications for this act have yet to be 
> enumerated.  "It's good for you, we'll die without it, it
> will bring forth a Grand New Age of Prosperity For All".

Legislate First, Rationalize Later!

>|  No person may apply a security measure that uses a 
>|  certified security technology to prevent a lawful 
>|  recipient from making a personal copy for time-shifting
>|  purposes of programming at the time it is lawfully 
>|  performed on an over-the-air broadcast, non-premium cable
>|  channel, or non-premium satellite channel, by a television
>|  broadcast station (as defined in section 122(j)(5)(A) of
>|  title 17, United States Code), a cable system (as defined
>|  in section 111(f) of such title), or a satellite carrier 
>|  (as defined in section 119(d)(6) of such title).
> Interesting.

Indeed.  If the motive of time-shift copying is recognized 
as pure, why only in the context of television?  Why should
it not be equally protected to time-shift copy a weekly net
audio stream?  For example: http://www.kdhx.org/schedule.htm
Their "Great American Music" program is very inconveniently
scheduled, but it seems Senator Hollings would sooner uphold
the right to tape softcore porn off late night Cinemax.  ;)

>| (3) The National Institute of Standards and Technology
>|  has the responsibility for developing standards and
>|  guidelines needed to ensure the cost-effective security
>|  and privacy of sensitive information in Federal computer
>|  systems.
> ...but there are many other means of establishing standards,
> including, as an example, the IETF.

NIST made an agent of legislation that developmentally
disables its own projects:  http://math.nist.gov/jazznet/
Hm, wonder if Roldan Pozo would welcome a *Linux Journal*
interview in view of potentially uncomfortable questions.

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