[linux-elitists] Anti-SSSCA strategy.

Brenno J.S.A.A.F. de Winter brenno@dewinter.com
Sun Sep 9 10:03:45 PDT 2001

Yes! I fully agree. In the meantime I started alerting all types of media in
the Netherlands. Also some Dutch groups are aware of the issue and we are
looking what we can do. Before you know we get such a law in the Netherlands.
And for me it would be a criming (trafficing?) to bring my Linux laptop into
the US. 

Another thought I had is that Microsoft will be the party to make the code for
such a system. That means that all Americans have to buy the software from
Microsoft. So much for freedom.....


> It's important for Free Software/open standards people to get
> out in front on this with big-ass white papers and detailed legal
> objections, so that when the Consumer Electronics Assn. comes out
> with their objections they will be seen as agreeing with us and
> not vice versa.  CEA isn't going to assert a First Amendment right
> to free software.
> The media like to see everything in terms of two sides.
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