[linux-elitists] Anti-SSSCA strategy.

Tesla Coil tescoil@irtc.net
Sun Sep 9 06:52:29 PDT 2001

On 8 Sep 2001, Karsten M. Self wrote:
> By some appearances, it would make free software illegal
> in the US.

I question how much it helps writing to our obviously not 
too brilliant congressmen.  I suggest we concentrate upon
formulating a case to take to federally sponsored agencies 
currently using Linux, e.g., NASA, NERSC, NIH, NIST, NOAA,
USGS, Fermilab, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge and Sandia National
Laboratories, to name a few.  Provided opponents from only
a few of that list, it would be difficult for politicians
and the media to poison the well.  "Library Radicals" may
have a ring to it, but I don't expect "National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration Radicals" flies too well.

In any event, does unauthorized distribution of Britney
Spears really merit setting up something on the order of
the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for digital technology?

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