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Sat Sep 8 17:50:18 PDT 2001

on Sat, Sep 08, 2001 at 09:48:11AM -0500, Rick Bradley (roundeye@roundeye.net) wrote:
> My letter writing machine is in full-gear (being stuck down on Tex-Mex
> border that's about as effective as I can be) due to my full-on
> campaign against SBC [0].
> If I were to expand my letter-writing campaign to include SoDMCA to
> whom should I write and what arguments should I use to argue against
> the adoption of this bill -- other than "you, Senator, are a corporate
> shill and deserve to be hung for treason" (did I say that out loud?)?

The stamp act of 1765.


Took a side trip through the US this summer, one of my stops was the
National Mall in DC, and there, the Jefferson Monument.  The stamp act
was one of the precipitating events of the American Revolution, which
effectively placed a tax on every bit of printed media, including
newpapers, pamphlets, and legal documents.  I see strong parallels
between this and the proposed SSCA legislation.

I note that one of the carveouts of Holling's legislation is
legalization of timeshifting.  E.g.:  the Congress is going to stamp on
rights of expression, but dasn't disturb the teaming minions who want to
watch yesterday's game or this afternoon's As the World Turns.

I've printed the legislation (19 thin pages), am going to try
keyboarding the whole thing as a scanned PDF is not a very friendly

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