[linux-elitists] [declan@well.com: FC: Sen. Hollings plans to introduce DMCA sequel: The SSSCA]

Rick Bradley roundeye@roundeye.net
Sat Sep 8 07:48:11 PDT 2001

My letter writing machine is in full-gear (being stuck down on Tex-Mex
border that's about as effective as I can be) due to my full-on
campaign against SBC [0].

If I were to expand my letter-writing campaign to include SoDMCA to
whom should I write and what arguments should I use to argue against
the adoption of this bill -- other than "you, Senator, are a corporate
shill and deserve to be hung for treason" (did I say that out loud?)?

[0] http://www.roundeye.net/?contentid=sbc_fight

* Karsten M. Self (kmself@ix.netcom.com) [010907 21:36]:
> Son of DMCA.

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