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Sean Neakums sneakums@zork.net
Fri Sep 7 12:42:11 PDT 2001

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begin  Karsten M Self quotation:

> RFC 2015 is a defined, if draft, standard.  It works, it provides
> useful functionality, it has minimal side effects (as opposed, say,
> to the automated parsing of email for inline elements such as is
> used in Microsoft products which will effectively truncate mail
> starting at begin some text (note the two blanks following 'begin').

So *that's* what my attribution string does!

There is big difference betwen interpreting a de-facto standard such
as "-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----" as denoting a signed message
and writing a mail client that chokes on what a bad programmer assumed
would always be a uuencoded inclusion.  Unlike Outlook, Gnus's
interpretation of such plain-text markers can be disabled[0].

> Parsing of inline content is changing the interpretation of plain
> text messages.  Why do this when there is a perfectly good, open,
> free standard based on good, open, free MIME encoding, which
> operates properly.

A MIME message is just a special case of plain-text message with some
extra headers and boundary markers.  Just like a PGP-style
signed/encrypted message, except a raw PGP-signed message has a lot
less noise than a raw PGP/MIME message.

> Your "a good user agent" is a specious as mine.  A good user agent
> follows standards and doesn't impose unexpected behavior based on
> arbitrary content.

How is interpreting a message surrounded by plain-text PGP as a signed
message infrastructure "unexpected"?  (In any case, any Gnus user who
does not like this is free to disable it, but it's nice to be able to
hit TAB RET and have the signature verified.)

[0] For example, to disable displaying plain-text PGP messages as if
    they were PGP/MIME messages:

    (eval-after-load "mm-uu"
                     '(add-to-list 'mm-uu-configure-list
                                   '(pgp-signed . disabled)))

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"The man who laughs at standards--that man must be put down.
 We are none of us perfect; I know that.  But we must agree
 on what perfection is."
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