[linux-elitists] Copyright, loss of enforcement rights (was: MP3 patents)

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Fri Sep 7 12:23:51 PDT 2001

on Fri, Sep 07, 2001 at 12:18:54PM -0700, Seth David Schoen (schoen@loyalty.org) wrote:
> Karsten M. Self writes:
> > #include ianal.h
> karsten.c:1: `#include' expects "FILENAME" or <FILENAME>

I parse, but I don't compile.

> > No.
> > 
> > Neither copyright nor patent rights are weakened for *future* actions by
> > non-enforcement, barring a few boundary cases involving estoppal and
> > laches [1].
> That's "estoppel".
> I once tried to have a law student explain the doctrine of estoppel to
> me.  It's a difficult one, with a lot of strange corners; it's not
> particularly easy to relate to everyday experience.

I've got the definitions provided by Black's and the Debian dict
package, as well as several lawyerly attempts at clarification, and I
still can't quite say what it's all about.  I think my statements above
(spelling aside) are close to the mark.

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