[linux-elitists] Inline MIME-decoding filter

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Fri Sep 7 12:22:57 PDT 2001

Wil Cooley writes:

> Also Sprach Wil Cooley:
> > I know that AMaViS, the anti-virus mail scanner, includes or requires
> > something that does this; you might look there.  What, in particular,
> > is your application?
> Oh duh, you said "to stdout".  Sorry, nevermind.  What about a little
> wrapper script that ran 'munpack' and then 'cat'?

I want to give a procmail rule that stands on its own.  Although an
external script is possible, this is meant to be a joke, and in a joke
saying "use this procmail rule" is funnier (because more concise and
more straightforward and in a way more plausible) than "create this
script in your home directory, make it executable, and then use this
procmail rule".

If the procmail rule runs a "standard" external program, that's OK,
because people who don't have that program will just apt-get it.

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