[linux-elitists] MP3 patents

Jack Moffitt jack@xiph.org
Sun Sep 2 11:22:26 PDT 2001

> What's the deal with patents on MP3 players?
> http://www.mp3licensing.com/ says they need a license!  Other people
> seem to disagree.

Free player don't need a license, to my knowledge, or rather, they are
granted a free license.

Commercial decoders do need a license.

Most people don't seem to bother, and it's generally thought that their
decoding patents are much less enforceable than their encoding ones.

That being said, this is helping Ogg out a great deal, and is the reason
we've shipped in two commercial games already.

I imagine this christmas there will be even more games shipping with
Ogg, and mainly because of this patent :)


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