[hangout] Re: [linux-elitists] It's all the US linux users' fault.

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue Oct 30 23:14:54 PST 2001

begin Ruben Safir quotation:

> Actually, Eric is supposed to be in NYC in November to discuss with
> NYLUG his views on the WTC attacks, if I'm not mistaken, at NYLUG.
> Does that sound like fun.  He's already done some publishing on this
> topic.

I suppose it's likely to be fun, or at least lively.  And perhaps a
change of pace.  

At the same time, it doesn't look to have a lot to do with Linux, and 
I'm left wondering why Eric -- since I doubt he has much relevant
expertise, just articulateness, and being game to come address the
topic.  Which I suppose are a good start.

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              describing the movie _The Wizard of Oz_

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