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Subject: IP: censored Linux change logs

>Subject: censored Linux change logs
>From: Scott Alexander <salex@activium.com>
>To: David Farber <dave@farber.net>
>Linux Weekly News http://www.lwn.net/ has a discussion of Alan Cox's
>decision to censor his change logs in order to comply with DCMA.
>Leading times and editorials
>Kernel changelogs to be censored? Alan Cox stirred things up this
>week with his announcement of the eleventh 2.2.20 prepatch.  Along with
>the usual set of fixes and updates, the changelog included the
>o Security fixes
>   Details censored in accordance with the US DMCA
>When pressed for details, Alan responded that "file permissions and
>userids may constitute and be used for rights management" and that he
>wasn't willing to risk lawsuits and/or prison terms by releasing
>information that could be used for circumvention.  When it comes to
>security problems, says Alan, "US kernel developers cannot be told.
>Period."  He has not, as yet, responded to questions on how he can work
>with (US-based) Linus under such conditions.

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