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Mon Oct 22 17:30:31 PDT 2001

<<This was true until the NET Act, which created the first U.S. criminal
penalties for noncommercial copyright infringement.>>

Has this been tested in the Supreme Court yet?

With Don's permission, I'm CCing this to the NYFAIRUSE discuss list, since
it is what we do.

One of the things I try to keep in mind when fighting the DMCA et al, is
that I only have limited care about statutary law - as such.

When we were at the NINCHE meeting at the NYPL, one of the points made is
that the entire nonenclature and phrasing of the arguments, even in court,
is a BIG part of the battle.

If such a law exists, (which is not questioning that it does), then it
clearly steps on my right to security in my property, as guaranteed in the
Bill of Rights.

no such limited monopoly should be able to prevent my non-comercial
exploitation of articles of human culture, such as poems, music or speach. 
The minimum level of protection needed to preserve the value of the
monopoly is all that should be legal.

Now Jay can jump in after Rick corrects me :0

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