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Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Mon Oct 22 00:58:41 PDT 2001

So, this is what they're showing on Disney these days.

Anyone confirm this?

on Mon, Oct 22, 2001 at 12:05:59AM -0700, Lara Lavi (veryjuicyrecords@home.com) wrote:
> Well Pho Pholks
> Lara Lavi here from Very Juicy Records
> I relay this without passing judgement just sharing with you what I just saw
> this evening.
> I turn on the TV with my little 2.5 year old to watch some Disney show
> about an African American teen girl (The Proud Family - animated show)
> and here is the story line ( I think I missed the first couple scenes
> but here is the general jist.
> 1.    Girl working at her antiquated computer her dad gave her in her
> room.
> 2.    Mystery guy (cool hip hop looking dude in black) shows up at her
> window and supplies her with an up to date computer, takes her into
> "the Matrix and shows her a web area called Free Jackster where she
> can get all the music she could ever want FOR FREE,
> 3.    The girl asks if this is illegal and mystery guy explains it is
> our birthright to have free music, creativity should not have a price
> 4.   Girl gets addicted to collecting free music, her obsession leads
> to telling all her friends.  soon the site is getting millions of hits
> from kids to grandmothers.
> 5.  Next scene at the The Wizard Record Label board room where "Sir
> Paid Alot" enters to complain his royalty check was only five cents.
> This alerts The Wizard (head of the label) that  there is a retail
> problem he needs to look into.
> 6.    Teen Girl's house is surrounded that night by police and press
> and she is arrested for illegal downloads, gets a warning,.  The news
> makes it clear that millions of people can;'t be stopped, Parents take
> computer away from girl and explain why free downloads is STEALING. -
> kind of an abirdged explanation of how copyrights work.
> 6.   Next scene, Asian Guy's retail record store is empty, guy is
> crying on the floor.  Teen Girl who happens to work at the store show
> up to work, aisian guy fires her for supporting all the free downloads
> 7.  Next scene charts showing record sales are down down down to
> nothing because people get the music for free
> 8.  Mystery guy shows up at teen girls' window again to try and
> convince her to go back to downloading but she says NO
> 7.     Guy:  "You still downloading?", Teen Girl:  DOwnloading is
> stealin" Mr. Guy from Free Jackster: " I know you are afraid I am
> trying to show you a world without rules"  Teen girl says no its wrong

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