[linux-elitists] WiFi and DHCP

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Fri Oct 5 20:04:15 PDT 2001

<quote who="Mike Touloumtzis">

> > I've been known to modify init scripts, sometimes extensively.  There's
> > a weakness to the SysV Init process that it specifies _order_, but not
> > _dependencies_.  To a certain extent it might be convenient to specify
> > chains of actions that are to occur in a certain order.
> Hmm, maybe SysV init needs to be replaced with a more capable system:
> $ cat /sbin/init
> #!/bin/sh
> cd /etc/init.d
> make init

Richard Gooch is on the case (and has been for some time)!


- Jeff

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