[linux-elitists] WiFi and DHCP

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Fri Oct 5 09:01:16 PDT 2001

I'm setting up an IBM ThinkPad as a WiFi base station (I have
obsolete ThinkPads like most people have O'Reilly books) and ran
into an interesting interaction of the pcmcia subsystem and dhcpd.

The pcmcia init script runs before the dhcp one, but the WiFi
card isn't initialized yet by the time dhcpd tries to start --
so it doesn't.

The quick fix is to put a sleep 10 in the pcmcia startup script, but
the structure of init scripts seems to assume that network interfaces
will be up after the network-relate scripts run.  In the case of PCMCIA,
this is not true.

Should the pcmcia init script just not finish until any cards
present at boot time are detected and initialized?  

Or should people who want to run DHCP servers on WiFi networks just
put in the sleep 10 and shut up?

More ThinkPad news from the "Technician R. Nguyen is a Thinkpad
repair master" department, I sent a ThinkPad (a different one) to
IBM for service on Tuesday and got it back yesterday.  Works great
and it looks like they gave me a whole new screen.  Didn't cost me

Of course, IBM has no clue about the fundamental differences
in standards body patent policy required when a standard,
to be successful, must have many and diverse implementors.
(see http://perens.com/Articles/HP_And_W3C_Standards.html) But they
do know how to replace an LCD screen fast.

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