[linux-elitists] RAND, RF, UFO, and standards

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Mon Oct 1 23:25:27 PDT 2001

Following the weekend's W3C dustup, and a general resolution to get
informed on the topic, I'm trying to get background on the who and what
of RAND ("reasonable and non-discriminatory" -- RMS suggests UFO for
"uniform fee only", and I'm going to propogate the meme, I think...), RF
(royalty free), and standards bodies.

The word on W3C's prior policy is...ambiguous.  Apparently there wasn't
a formal policy, one of the plusses of the draft policy was
straightening out some of the potential backdoor or "ignore it and it
will go away" aspects of the former situation.  But I've got a general
idea (which I've been told is wrong) that RF was at least tacitly

I'm also given to understand that IETF allows RAND.  Again, my
understanding is that RF is preferred and there's a lobby to steer
toward RF.  And that this lobby is one of the things that makes the
W3C's position so untenable (other than the fact that it's a direct
extrapolation of Halloween Document #1 and Microsoft's strategy for
beating GNU/GNU/Linux, free software, and customer choice, into the

Clues are gratefully accepted.


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