[linux-elitists] Bank of America doesn't want our business?

Andy Bastien lists@yuggoth.net
Thu Nov 29 10:46:54 PST 2001

In the depths of that dark day Sun Nov 25, the words of Kevin A. Burton were the beacon:
> Ben Woodard <ben@zork.net> writes:
> > So what do you guys think of this should we make a stink about it?
> > I go to pay my bills online today and BofA's online banking which I've
> > been using successfully for literally years won't let me in:
> > 
> > > We have determined that you are using Netscape 6 as your
> > > browser. Online Banking does not currently support this browser.
> Yeah... Isn't this annoying!  What the hell!
> BTW it works with Konqueror if you set the UserAgent to emulate IE.  :)
> <snip>

The reasoning is that both Netscape 4.x and IE have broken javascript
implementations, but they are broken in different ways.  To get around
this, many web site designers wrote two versions of their JS code; one
each for NS and IE.  Now Mozilla/NS6 comes along, and it's not broken
in the same ways that NS 4.x was, so the NS-compatible javascript code
that people have written doesn't always work.

I also find this annoying.  My bank has also put one of these no NS6
warnings on their main website which prevents Mozilla-based browsers
from getting in (I use Galeon), but they haven't done this on their
online banking site.  I sent them an email saying (politely) that if
they do prevent Mozilla from getting to their online banking I will
move my accounts elsewhere.  I meant it; my current bank (SunTrust) is
perfectly good, I've been a customer for many years (well, Crestar for
many years before it was swallowed by SunTrust), and I have no other
reason to leave them, but every bank and his brother has online
banking nowadays and it's become too useful for me to not have it

Generally speaking, however, if a site kicks me out because I'm using
Mozilla I don't go back.  If it's a shopping site, they just lost my

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