[linux-elitists] XBox: MSFT Linux subsidy?

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Tue Nov 20 14:41:03 PST 2001


MSFT is out $150 on every XBox sold.  What's that amount to in game

So...if you buy an XBox, and don't buy any games, you've just been given
a subsidy by the Beast.

Word is the boxes are pretty competent hardware in and of themselves.
The USB pinouts are changed, and the Nvidia video card is obscure and
usupported, but for filling a rack (or closet) with some raw compute
power, afforded a remote display, you've got yourself a pretty capable
little box:  733 MHz PIII, 64 MB RAM, DVD drive, 100 Mbps ethernet, 8
GB HD (that's more capability than any of the machines currently
littering my apartment).  For $300.  Other options include NAS (on a
price basis the XBox is competitive with commercial offerings),
webserver, or other appliance applications.  Too bad it's not
dual-NICed, might make a nice headless firewall.

OSOpinion (that paragon of online editorializing) is already suggesting
the XBox is the ideal server farm, er, fertilizer.  From April, 2001:


Slashdot hashed this over, not sure there was any clear concensus at the
time, though a few issues were raised such as a non-flashable BIOS and
use of nonstandard fasteners to discourage modifications to the box.

Anyone got the inside scoop on what's being done to utilize this
hardware to its full potential?

Properly modified, the XBox could be a real iOpener....

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