[linux-elitists] <OT>Linux StepByStep re-launch

Douglas J Hunley doug@hunley.homeip.net
Mon Nov 19 07:35:28 PST 2001

Sorry for the slightly off-topic post, but I wanted to take a small minute to 
let you all know that the Linux StepByStep (http://linux.nf) has been 

The site now has 14 mirrors around the world, has a 10 member editorial team, 
is provided in 9 languages, and is growing in content daily. We currently 
have information on things from Acrobat to Xfree86. New content is regularly 
added  and old content is constantly revised and edited to match the changing 
Linux landscape.

We also currently host 2 mailing lists. Linux-users if for general Linux 
discussion. Everything from "which distro" to "I can't mount my cd!" is fair 
game on this list. The second list, general, is for technology related 
threads that may not be specific to Linux (discussion of the latest MS doing, 
the DMCA, etc). The lists live at 
http://linux.nf/mailman/listinfo/linux-users and 
http://linux.nf/mailman/listinfo/general (respectively). On those links you 
will find links to subscribe (both regular and digest mode), manage your 
account, and a link to the list archives.

We have also recently brought news.linux.nf online. All mailing lists are 
being gated to this news server. If you prefer a newsreader over filling your 
inbox, then this is for you!

Thanks for your time. Stop by and let us know what you think of the site.

P.S. If you had previously subscribed to the mailing lists on the site, you 
might need to resubscribe. We lost some of the membership info recently in a 
hardware failure. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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