[linux-elitists] Phil Zimmermann on key exchange

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Wed Nov 14 13:01:52 PST 2001

begin  Seth David Schoen quotation of Tue, Nov 13, 2001 at 10:03:50PM -0800:

> Sounds pretty good to me, relative to not using PGP at all.  It is an
> "opportunistic" scheme which protects only against passive attacks.
> But almost all attacks on the privacy of e-mail are passive attacks.
> If attackers are forced to start using active attacks, users and
> administrators might start to notice mysterious signs that something
> is not quite right -- funny log messages, unexplained errors -- which
> could serve as the functional equivalent of mysterious clicks on your
> phone line, suggesting that it's being tapped.

For example, if Alice occasionally unplugs her laptop from her
Mallory.net DSL connection and makes an 802.11b connection in a
random coffeehouse not under the control of the Secret Police.
Hey, open wireless access points can actually improve security.

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