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Ben Woodard ben@zork.net
Tue Nov 13 18:47:33 PST 2001


>From what I understand, the copy protection mechanism basically works by
not obeying the redbook standard and so when you read a CD using windows
based computers the CD-ROM driver recognises it as an audio CD and then
trys to read it as though it is an audio CD and because of the copy
protection it fails. From what I've read the actual technique is that
they make the CD appear to be a multisession CD and then they don't fill
in the second session index and so the windows driver can't compile a
complete track index.

Linux on the other hand makes fewer assumptions about the structure of
the data on the CD and so the copy protection method actually doesn't do
anything. Linux treats the whole disc as if it were data. Anyway that is
what I heard. I've never tested it.

So anyway the summary is that the copy protection system works by
exploiting a bug in the windows driver and since it is closed source and
propritary it is likely never to get fixed. Linux on the other hand
doesn't have that bug and so things work fine. Since we are all "linux
elitists" here the issue doesn't concern us. It seems to me that instead
of being a problem, this illustrates why linux is a substantially better


begin  Don Marti  quotation:
> Attention music lovers,
> If you're looking to try the World's Smallest Circumvention Device 
> // 
> and you don't listen to Charley Pride, check out Fat Chuck's Corrupt
> CDs page: http://www.fatchucks.com/corruptcds/
> Maybe you will find something that matches your musical tastes a
> little better.
> I think you will need two WSCDs, so here's another one.
> //
> Oh, wait, there was one in the URL -- never mind.
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