[linux-elitists] SSSCA and garbage hard drives

Don Marti dmarti@ssc.com
Thu Nov 8 09:12:20 PST 2001

Attention Linux elitists:

Interesting Troubleshooting Professional this month. 

SSSCA -- is there a Microsoft connection?  I thought Microsoft was
joining the electronics vendors in opposition, since SSSCA would
basically nationalize their DRM and keep them from holding up the
copyright holders for licenses.

SSSCA was probably the initial outrageous bill that is supposed to
make the followup unconstitutional bill look like a "compromise."

Steve also recommends parts for a $1400 Linux box -- below the
price of a super-deluxe machine, above the price of a "low road"
learning system or network client.

Looks like a rather unbalanced system -- heinously fast CPU, lots
of RAM, but a Western Digital hard drive?  Ewww, gag me with an
unread ATA specification.  

I know Steve is only hitting the disk on alternate Wednesdays with
that much RAM, but everything gets read the first time.

Desktop SCSI bigots could use a benchmark -- how do you quantify
the difference in responsiveness between a SCSI system and an ATA
system when both a time-sensitive task and a disk-intensive task
are happening?  (For an example, do a find / &> /dev/null and play
an Ogg Vorbis file at the same time.)

If you're coming to Oakland, don't forget to get your GPG keys to
Drew for the keysigning BoF.

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