[linux-elitists] It's all the US linux users' fault.

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Sun Nov 4 08:07:38 PST 2001

<quote who="Ruben Safir">

> <<I think you might want to read up on what communism and socialism
> actually are.>>
> They are systems were tyrany governments with governement sponsored
> monopolies which control the econony.

Some governments have chosen to use the words of communism to exert control
over their people, that is true. Please don't use these horrendous
miscarriages of the ideals of communism to put it down.

I live in a socialist democracy, and have no ill feelings towards communism.
It's just a different structure of power to the ones we may be used to.

> That is exactly what you suggest the people swallow then you insist
> (wrongly) that Linux can be cleaved from political freedoms.  Suggesting
> that Linux doesn't require basic political freedom it survive is
> wrong...flat out, without an truth.

That is indeed true. I don't understand Derek's original comments, because I
find most of the power of Free Software in the Freedom, not the technology.
The Freedom just happens to make for some fantastic technology. :)

> To suggest that Linux users should not defend the political freedom which
> is necessary for free software to survive, is flat out pinko-commie.

I have to disagree. It has nothing to do with 'pinko-commie' - it's just a
yearning for apathy and the status quo. I think both of these are terrible
things for Free Software advocates and users to settle down with, but please
don't use such highly emotional taunts relating to communism and socialism
to put different views down.

I understand that many Free Software advocates see a strength between
Libertarianism and their very political choice of technology. Many, however,
see Free Software as a very powerful socialistic force. I, and indeed Alan
Cox, are of this breed of Free Software advocate.

I flinch every time I hear this kind of remark. Many Australians and
Europeans, who live and participate in socialist democracies would find your
comments strange, if not extreme.

Freedom is wonderful, be it Libertarian, Communist, Capitalist or Socialist.

- Jeff

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