[linux-elitists] It's all the US linux users' fault.

Ruben Safir ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Sat Nov 3 16:07:33 PST 2001

<<This is a bunch of bullshit. All you you zealots need to stop equating
this with a fucking civil liberties issue.>>

This is positively the most unamerican communistic thing I've ever read
on any Linux mailing list.  What are we all controlled by the state in a giant
commie association

 <<It's not one. Grow the fuck up.>>

:)  Maybe after my kids are out of college I'll have time to do so.

<< It's time to get over the notion that any of this isn't

It's about capitalism and the right to compete in the market place, and
the freedom of choice from a state sponsered monoploy, and a the right to
own property.  You suggest we through away the most basic requirements of 
a libral (in the classical sense) geovernment, and exchange that for a 
commie-socialist society where all citizens are to be spied on for as enemies 
of the state.


 <<It's only about money. Just like the fact that Linus works at
Transmeta is only about money.>>

Linuses relationship with Transmeta has ZERO to do with Alan Cox's work on the 
Linux Kernel.


<<Linux has been available to the highest
bidder for several years now.>>

Yeah - I get SuSe for 29.95 with 1500 working applciaitions at CompUSA.

That's the highest bidder....just like ebay.  You must mean LINUS
has been available for the highest bidder.  Perhaps, you can ask him.  

<<It's just that everyone has conned you into
thinking it's still free, so that you continue to producing code free of
charge. >>

I haven't the background to produce kernel code, but I can sell my services
for installation, and spread the oppurtunity for economic advancement to 
millions of people through the freedom of Linux and other GPLed software.

This is capitalism at it's most basic.

Be afraid ... be very afraid...

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