[linux-elitists] It's all the US linux users' fault.

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Sat Nov 3 02:38:12 PST 2001

<quote who="Derek Vadala">

> > Alan is mostly right. Those who would split Linux from it's political
> > foundations do more damage than anything Alan could ever do. You can not
> > split Linux from political freedom any more than you can split the press
> > from the issue of free speach.
> This is a bunch of bullshit. All you you zealots need to stop equating
> this with a fucking civil liberties issue. It's not one. Grow the fuck up.
> It's time to get over the notion that any of this isn't financial. It's
> only about money. Just like the fact that Linus works at Transmeta is only
> about money. Linux has been available to the highest bidder for several
> years now. It's just that everyone has conned you into thinking it's still
> free, so that you continue to producing code free of charge. 

I challenge you to put that notion to Alan, and find agreement.

- Jeff

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