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I'm having a party on November 10 to celebrate the California 6th
Appellate District's ruling in _DVD Copy Control Association v. Andrew
Bunner_, 01 C.D.O.S. 9406 (November 1, 2001).

The party will be at my apartment (1022A Shotwell, between 24th and
25th) at 7:00p.  I will try to get Andrew Bunner, civil liberties lawyers,
and Linux geeks to turn out.  "Descramble (This Function Is Void)" will
not be played because EFF is still bound by an injunction in another
action.  Maybe some other year.

The recent decision was an extremely exciting event in the original
DVD/DeCSS lawsuit -- the court was extremely supportive of Bunner's
free speech rights and the general proposition that trade secret
protection isn't absolute.

If you'd like directions or to RSVP, you can reach me at (415)282-4798.

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