[linux-elitists] Richard Schwartz is in charge of New York state's part in the Microsoft anti-trust action.

Jay Sulzberger jays@panix.com
Fri Nov 2 14:28:04 PST 2001

The federal judge today gave the states until Tuesday to accept or reject
the settlement proposed by Microsoft and the United States Department of
Justice.  The proposed settlement would allow Microsoft and
Dell/Compaq/HP/IBM/etc. to continue their practice of offering only
Microsoft operating systems on mass market IBM style peecees, and further,
refusing to give refunds in case the buyer does not run the Microsoft OS
already on the hard disk.  The settlement, if accepted by all parties,
including the judge, would formally sanction as legal this very effective
blocking of competition at the level of the OS.

Any settlement that does not guarantee a level playing field for all
operating systems at point of sale of IBM style peecees is not a
settlement at all, but a license for Microsoft and Dell/Compaq/HP/IBM/etc.
to continue to deny most computer buyers any choice at all of operating

Please read the proposed settlement and then write to Richard Schwartz.

Text of proposed settlement:


Address of Richard Schwartz:



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