[linux-elitists] It's all the US linux users' fault.

Ruben Safir ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Fri Nov 2 10:21:00 PST 2001

<<I am first among the guilty in slacking off on Freedom the last couple of
months. But we can't justify it by saying that our easiest audience, those
people who have already tasted the fruits of Freedom, aren't listening. If
they don't hear us, we have to say it again, and again, and differently,
and over again.>>

Maybe, maybe not. Freedom also means that people have the right to be
apathetic, and not spend their every waking hour worrying about freedom and
digital rights.

As for Alan, he, IMO, is upset at the Linux community becoming placid. It's
worse than that. I would not be suprised if a plurality of FS desktop
users, and even LUG members are intessively anti-political (to coin a
word), and vigorously defend against the incurssion of "politics" into the
Linux community. IMO, LUGs are not pulling their weight.

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