[linux-elitists] Attention Ingenious Patriots!

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Thu Nov 1 10:13:11 PST 2001

The US Dept. of Defense wants _your_ idea on how to get them
terrorists! Submit your one-page proposal today!


They totally ripped this idea off from me.  Only they're not
sending an embedded Linux board to every finalist, cheap bastards.
They should have called me, I would have at least helped hook them
up with GPS boards or game programming books or something.

Maybe they just want to get the address of everyone who read too much
Philip K. Dick or watched too much "MacGyver".

Quick, git me my white board and some venture capital!  <sfx
type="ray gun">Ptchew!  Ptchew!</sfx>

Hey, wait a minute, all the old Army radios from World War II
were good for ham radio, maybe parts from all the autonomous
solar robot cameras they'll end up making for this war will be
good for cheese radio.  (Cheese radio is like ham radio, but no
licenses and with encryption and curse words; it uses router and
compression power instead of transmitter power to carry voice over
long distances. Every radio is a router.)

(If you don't know where the subject
line of this mail comes from, read this:

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