[linux-elitists] Government and Microsoft

Aleksandar Radulovic alex@trackwell.com
Wed May 30 16:17:40 PDT 2001

Hello, fellow elitists,

As I write this message, the prime minister of my country
is involved in heavy negotiations with Microsoft's third
man Michel Lacomb into striking a huge deal which will
allow Microsoft to design and implement complete IT
solutions for governmental institutions.

I am a part of a not-so-small group of Linux entuziasts
from my country and we are trying to stop this deal from
happening. We are organizing a large-scale campaign
against this deal, and trying to push an alternative
point of view - using Open Source.

We would appreciate any kind of help, by either providing
us with some extensive analysis information (regarding
Microsoft and these kinds of deals, influents in the future
and things like that) so we can be more prepared for
possible commision and review.

We are currently collecting resources where Open Source
alternative was succesfull comparing to closed-source
solutions (i.e - Mexico government, Russian and German
decisions not to use MS products in governments, and lot

Thanks a lot in advance for all your help!


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