[linux-elitists] debian packaging query

Jason Wright peewee@scc.mi.org
Thu May 24 20:44:59 PDT 2001

On Thu, May 24, 2001 at 08:29:09AM -0700, Heather spewed forth:

> Good luck, anyway.  Let me know if you get anything intereseting;  I use
> postfix, but no Unstable code goes on my production boxen.

i wouldn't mind the unstable code running on the boxes in question.
they're just the webservers making up my employer's main site, not my
mail routers.  the unstable package is running fine on my workstation,
which is a testing/unstable hybrid, so i think it's ok for the minimal
load i'm looking at.  i want the boxes to listen on localhost:25 only for
reasons that involve chroot'd apache, Net::SMTP and lead capture cgis.
it's that or make an mta run inside the chroot or just point Net::SMTP at
one of my mail routers and hope that none of the n things that could cause
the mail router to become unavailable happen.  the long term solution is
a database running on another machine, but that's a ways off and an mta
listing on localhost only is the best interim  solution i can think of.
yeah, the mta on the local machine could crash, but the mail routers
live on the other side of cranky firewalls....

it's actually working with the stable package.  *shrug*  it didn't work
when i initially tried it, which was why i was jumping through all those
hoops to get a more recent version of postfix running.  before i gave up
for the day and put everything back the way it was, i tried one last time
with the stable package and the same main.cf that didn't work previously.
i found a postfix that was bound to only, which was a bit

typical for me.  things won't work until i ask for help and the more
incorrect i am when i ask (hi joey!), the better chance i have of having
it mysteriously start working.  ;)

if this doesn't work out, i'll probably beat on sendmail a bit until i can
get a nullclient running inside the chroot.


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