[linux-elitists] Local Mountain View. 802.11b coffeehouse.

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Thu May 24 08:39:19 PDT 2001

> on Wed, May 23, 2001 at 12:11:47PM -0700, Don Marti (dmarti@zgp.org) wrote:
> > 802.11b access is available at Dana Street Roasting Company, 744 Dana
> > Street, Mountain View. (1/2 block logical south of Printer's Inc.) The
> > base station is a FreeBSD box. And most of the laptops I see here seem
> > to be running some kind of X. 
> Contrast this to, e.g.:  Cafe Boronne, Menlo Park, which has taken the
> step of taping over the few duplex power outlets available in the dining
> area.

I'm torn between "that is sooo rude!" and thinking, it's even faster than
posting an FAQ:

1. no you can't use the outlets.
2. people had been using them without even asking.

So, I have to say, cool.  But I much prefer the 'tude over here at the
Orchard Valley Coffee Shop - lots of outlets.  grounded sixpacks at 
scattered locations.  You don't have to sit far from an outlet unless you
want to.

But they don't have wireless AFAIK.  I wouldn't know, I only use (gasp)
normal ether for the moment. 

* Heather *
Established technology tends to persist in the face of new technology.
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