[linux-elitists] debian packaging query

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Thu May 24 08:29:09 PDT 2001

> does anyone know of a short, concise guide to creating a debian
> virtual package?  preferrably one aimed at someone who knows what
> a virtual package is, but has never built a .deb outside of
> kernel-package or 'apt-get -b source'?  i've found the debian
> packaging guide and i'll read it if i have to, but i was hoping
> to find a step by step walkthrough for building what shoiuld be 
> a very simple package.
> i need to use the postfix smtp_bind_address parameter which, per
> some posts to postfix-users i found from wietse, needs at least
> snapshot-20010507, while the version in debian/unstable is
> snapshot-20010502.  i figure i could install postfix from source
> and make a virtual package that provides mail-transport-agent and
> get by that way until the debian package is recent enough.

You could ask debian to fetch you the source package for unstable,
take a diff between snapshot 20010502 and 20010507 (or later) and 
apply that to the source pack, then tweak the changelog and tell debian
to continue the build process.

Then you'd have a real package, not a virtual.

> i'm working on a debian/stable box, btw.  i'm still working getting
> the unstable postfix package built under stable on the off chance
> that it has the patch i need.  needless to say, i don't particularily
> want to switch mta's.
> thanks!
> PeeWee

Good luck, anyway.  Let me know if you get anything intereseting;  I use
postfix, but no Unstable code goes on my production boxen.

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