[linux-elitists] Local Mountain View. 802.11b coffeehouse.

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Wed May 23 12:11:47 PDT 2001

802.11b access is available at Dana Street Roasting Company, 744 Dana
Street, Mountain View. (1/2 block logical south of Printer's Inc.) The
base station is a FreeBSD box. And most of the laptops I see here seem
to be running some kind of X. 

More info at: http://live.com/danastreet/

"The DHCP server gives you a real, globally routable IP address. (NAT is
evil.) Also, there's no firewall; you have full end-to-end connectivity
throughout the Internet. This means, for instance, that you could - with
appropriate client software - take part in a VPN from this network."

There's also a useful recommended cards list. 

That number again: 744, ladies and gentlemen.

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