[linux-elitists] Open Source Means....

Deirdre Saoirse deirdre@deirdre.net
Tue May 22 22:59:05 PDT 2001

...never having to say you're sorry.

I have been spending the week at Apple's WWDC and heard various people
apologizing for having removed (or not implemented, or whatever) various

It made me realize another aspect of why open source was really
important: because open source means never having to turn to a customer
and say, "I'm sorry."

I also heard a series of horror stories while at lunch that clued me in to
one reason why big companies (those with sense anyway) prefer open source.

It seems a household-name company, when looking for an ORB to handle CORBA
from a legacy system to some other system, bought an expensive solution
from a company that purportedly made an SMP-safe multi-threaded
multitasking ORB (certainly not a trivial task).

The company found that it wasn't SMP safe. When they confronted the
company, they admitted that they'd never tested it on an SMP system(!).
So, household-name company, at this point, funded the development of the
SMP-safe version by bringing four of the software company's engineers
onsite until the project was done.

BTW, due to cost overruns, the whole CORBA project, which involved a
migration from COBOL to Java (see? Java really IS Cobol 2.0) was
ultimately scrapped and the company is using COBOL to this day.

And the vendor is still hawking SMP software....

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